About MatchRN Psychiatry

Project descritption
Good quality of care is achieved in health care when the services provided lead to the desired patient outcomes. In Swiss psychiatric care, patient outcomes have been measured for several years and published as benchmarking between psychiatric hospitals. However, systematic measurements on nursing service and its working environment are missing to make differentiated statements on nursing-related quality of care in psychiatric hospitals. Therefore, hospitals lack important information for patient-oriented nursing staff planning.

The aim of MatchRN Psychiatry is to describe the nurse work environment, staffing levels and the nursing-related quality of care in psychiatric hospitals in Switzerland on the basis of selected structural, process and outcome dimensions relevant to psychiatry. The results will be made available to the participating psychiatric hospitals as a benchmark report.

MatchRN Psychiatry is a multicenter observational study. To describe nursing-related quality of care, data from nurses, patient routine data, and department characteristics will be used. Data will be collected beginning in Q3 2019. A second survey is planned for 2023.

Expected Benefits / Relevance
The study will be the first to examine nurse work environment factors and patient outcomes in psychiatric inpatient care in depth and provide a benchmark report to participating hospitals. Thus, the results contribute to the improvement of patient orientation and nursing care.

To learn more, please refer to the MatchRN Psychiatry study protocol or see our list of publications.